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 Our Strategic Plan


Proposed by the President and ratified by the General Assembly, the Strategic Plan is the basis for all UNCASG initiatives as the association strives to achieve its core mission of advocating on behalf of the nearly 230,000+ students enrolled on each of the 17 campuses across UNC System.



  1. Establish a reputation of professional, transparent, and accountable leadership

  2. Facilitate development and collaboration for and between campus Student Governments

  3. Implement lasting programs and initiatives that will serve the students of the University of North Carolina system 


 Annual Advocacy Priorities


At the open of each session, the UNCASG President presents their comprehensive goals for the academic year, including but not limited to that year's contribution to the multi-year strategic plan.  These goals are known as the annual Advocacy Plan and are used to guide the goals and objectives of each UNCASG committee including Budget & Finance, Campus Outreach, Governmental Outreach and Media Outreach.


View the UNCASG Strategic Vision for the 46th Session

Year IV of the Strategic Plan


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